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Dolceterra Italian Within ltd (Dolceterra.co.uk) is the most well-known on line shop which sells Italian high quality food in the world.

Founded in 2000, Dolceterra receives the most hits of any online European  “Italian gourmet shop”. On its site, visited daily by over 15.000 individuals, Dolceterra offers its 400,000 clients a unique array of over eight hundred Italian food products.
Dolceterra transforms the daily routine of eating into a special event.
Food which not only satisfies a basic need, but provides an enjoyable, exciting and "multi-sensory" experience, with an added cultural and social dimension - this, in short, is the ideal behind the creation of Dolceterra.

The products offered by Dolceterra are a rich source of both enjoyment and instruction. Every single product is packed with extreme care and many are accompanied by an identity card that provides further information about that product. Dolceterra aims to satisfy what we see as our Clients positively burning desire to absorb the cultural background of the product in all its diversity. Drawing on Italy's rich culture in this way can help transform a simple meal with friends into a cultural celebration, a truly delightful and special event.
Dolceterra is an online Italian gourmet shop
The speciality shop, in contrast with the impersonal supermarket, has added value that results largely from the wisdom and expertise of the shopkeeper. The contents of a speciality shop must be valuable, pleasing, useful and interesting. No one expects a supermarket manager to know all about the products it stocks, just as no one imagines a small food producer to be an expert in customer care and services. A speciality shop, however, can embrace both these crucial aspects.  

Dolceterra's product selection has its origins in a catalogue of travel, notes, talks, meetings and recommendations. The selection's prime concern is to preserve originality and typicality, over and against stultifying uniformity. The products are grouped by category (olive oil, wine and vinegar, beer, honey, pasta and rice, meats, cheese, sweets and coffee, seafood, and preserves) and by region. The regional classification helps Dolceterra Clients to find their way through the rich variety of Italian products and to appreciate the cultural heritage of the different regions.
Our path is the complete opposite to that of the Food Industry, which conceals and degrades authentic products by appropriating their traditional names, without respecting established production methods. Our aim is to recover true local Italian specialities.
A good percentage of the products selected by Dolceterra come from the most rural and disadvantaged areas of Italy. Particular breeds, varieties of vegetable and legume, cured meats, cheeses and types of honey often owe their outstanding characteristics to the isolation, and the less than hospitable climates and soils where they are reared, grown or produced. The location of these areas is often in stark contrast with the exigencies of the modern food industry, which often penalizes agriculture in inaccessibly mountainous and hilly areas - areas that are already weakened by productive and occupational impoverishment.
For Dolceterra, safeguarding these areas is a primary goal.
Dolceterra uses two criteria of selection: taste and typicality .
What, then, are the essential characteristics of a good product?
Primarily, those that are perceived by the senses. This is undoubtedly the main criterion that determines the selection of a product by Dolceterra. Almost always, the perceptible quality and taste of a product result from a particular set of parameters. It is no coincidence that such quality relates to the nutritional aspects of the diet employed in rearing a particular breed; the origin of the milk selected for a cheese; and the variety of vegetable or fruit used in making a preserve.
What are the characteristics of a ‘typical' product?
It must satisfy a number of basic criteria: quality ingredients, particular methods of preparation, specific geographical location and an appropriate scale of production.
Dolceterra offers next-day deliveries in all world.
Dolceterra's express delivery service is the one that our products deserve: the best. This service guarantees the delivery of a parcel in 24/48 hours throughout all world. The goods travel at Dolceterra's risk and in case of any problem with the delivery service, the Dolceterra Client will be fully compensated. Only with this service can we guarantee the perfect integrity of our products, and plan the exact delivery date with the Client.
The Dolceterra Client buys, besides the products, a guarantee of delivery that incorporates speed, security, convenience, and reliability.

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